The Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government continues to develop and maintain a range of long-term strategic partnerships with other public policyrelevant educational institutions and think tanks not only regionally but also globally.This strategic partnership with key policy actors formalizesalliance between the enterprises and this has led to unflinching strategic, knowledge based and financial support to the many research initiatives of the school. Towards this end MBRSG is always keen to develop strategic links and interested institutions willing to commit are required to contact Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government.
MBRSG strategic partnerships evolve around the following key relationships: International Affiliations, Academic Affiliations, Knowledge Partners and Sponsors
International Affiliations
These agreements serve to facilitate the exchange of faculty and students, creating internship opportunities, enhance joint research, promote conferences and stimulate a creative learning environment with an international perspective aimed at sharing progress and developing knowledge.  
Academic Affiliations
Are formal relationships which centre on the development and delivery of joint programs and shared curricula.
Knowledge Partners
Here the school strives to collaborate with internationally respected and received institutions with whom MBRSG can jointly develops new and customized program, research topics and share speakers and experts in the field.

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