04 October 2016

Developing the next generation of leaders is a recognised strategic challenge for UAE governments. The UAE has a population of approximately nine million people, of which nationals are estimated to constitute just sixteen per cent (c. 1.4 million) (UNdata, 2015). Facing such an imbalance in the population, it is a matter of national interest for Emiratis to hold leadership positions in organisations across all sectors and especially in government. As a result, a significant proportion of the Emirati population is expected to fill senior and strategic government posts.

Leadership development is seen as a key intervention to support the development of talent in government, and has seen significant investment. It is in all our interests for leadership development in government to be as effective as possible. This Policy Council creates a space for an invited group of government experts to reflect on recent research by MBRSG into the concept of public leadership and to examine its potential implications for both what we teach in public leadership development, and how we do it.
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