Youth circles ‘Emirati Youth Empowerment in the Private Sector’
09 May 2017

Youth circles ‘Emirati Youth Empowerment in the Private Sector’

With the youth segment in the UAE comprising a significant percentage of the country’s population, increasing the levels of involvement of Emirati youth in the private sector is among the top priorities on governmental agendas today. 
With a view to addressing this imperative the session will cover the below topics : 
  1. The importance of Emiratization in the private sector
  2. Main barriers and challenges Emiratis face when entering the private sector
  3. The role of entrepreneurship and SMEs in encouraging young people to enter the private sector
  4. Identifying key opportunities in the private sector
  5. Emiratization and the gender gap in the private sector
Please follow this link to register your interest: Emirates Youth Circle


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