A Fertile OASIS: The current state of Education in the UAE A Fertile OASIS: The current state of Education in the UAE
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March 2017
By: Dr. Guy Burton| ​Dr. Racquel Warner
Education in the UAE is currently undergoing a period of remarkable reforms. The nation has pursued policies which are in line with not only its neighbors and the wider MENA region, but which have  affected most countries around the world. Global education reforms (GERM) are taking place as part of the OECD and UNESCO sponsored initiatives to improve access and the quality of education around the world. Simply put, the past few decades have seen a widespread expansion in the coverage of schools and educational opportunities. Indeed, in examining the MENA region, the World Bank (2014) recently listed a number of achievements experienced by states, including increased access to the point 
of universal education among both boys and girls (and reduction of the gender gap whereby many girls are now outperforming boys), reduced illiteracy and greater government financial investment.

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