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Khawla al Tayer

Non-Resident Consultant

Human Resources Management

Federal Authority For Identity and Citizenship

Khawla is the Strategy and Future Department Director at the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA). She has 10 years of experience in various fields: human resources, organizational excellence and strategic planning at ICA. She is an expert and practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming, and an expert in human development. She is an accredited trainer who is known for her passion, ambition, strong management, determination to get the job done, and teamwork. She possesses renewed positive energy and a high capacity to spread optimism, happiness, and self-management. She has a long record of achievements. She was awarded the prize for excellent director and exceptional performance. She led the certified HR investors team. She also won the ICA best suggestion award. She was awarded a large number of appreciation certificates. She delivered special lectures on happiness and positivity and on the occasion of Women’s Day. On a personal level, she’s a writer. She has many publications including on positive energy, and has authored a novel and short stories.
Khawla al Tayer holds a BA in accounting from the Faculty of Economic and Political Sciences at the UAE University. At the outset of her career, she worked in finance. She was then recruited as HR manager. Having left her print in HR, she was transferred to the future and strategy department. She took part in many teams and committees. Mainly, she headed the interviews committee for many years. Given her successful selection of highly qualified individuals, she was made head of the excellence teams for several years, in charge of helping ICA improve its ranking. She also headed the ICA happiness and positivity team, which was responsible for elevating the percentage of happiness and positivity at the Authority.
After the nationality and residency responsibilities were transferred to the ICA, Khawla al Tayer played a prominent role in the Strategy Department. In light of all the developments, she redefined the strategic orientation of the Authority for a better integration and a renewed approach to strategic planning. This entailed the organization of several meetings with stakeholders, active communication with the PMO, and coordination with the strategic department at the ICA current president office in order to ensure an effective strategy building aligned with the needs of the organization’s present phase.
Khawla headed and actively participated in many teams and committees including the Sheikh Khalifa Government Excellence teams for joint projects, prior and post the integration of the Nationality and Residency with the ID department. She also took part in many teams at the ICA. Her most important participations and achievements include:
  • Heading the Human Development team, and winning the 2011 Human Development Award
  • Heading the HR investors team, and winning the IIP British certificate
  • Managing the suggestion system, and winning the golden award for institutional suggestions from the British Ideas Association in 2013
  • Actively participating in winning the Sheikh Khalifa Award for Institutional Excellence – Best Federal Authority for 2014 to the ICA. At the time, she was head of strategy at ICA.
  • Delivering more than 50 workshops on happiness and positivity for different job grades.
  • Managing the innovative idea bank since 2017, doing the relative benchmarking and knowledge transfer to leading entities.
  • Managing HR and innovation resources since 2018
  • Actively participating in reading seminars at the ICA and in other entities
  • She is an active member of the study group to establish a Takaful fund at the ICA
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