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Saeed Mohammed Al Shamsi

Non-Resident Consultant

Human Resources Management

Ministry of Defense

Saeed Al Shamsi has extensive experience in several areas related to education, training, staff development and human resource management in the United Arab Emirates. Although his years of experience are not very long but the challenges, high ambition and the work environment he experienced shaped his skills; helped him learn and gain great experience relative to the number of years. He held several positions that contributed to building this experience: working at the Ministry of Defense and the Rabdan Academy. He was the point of contact with government and private training, education and development service providers both inside and outside the United Arab Emirates. He also advises on working mechanism, admissions, requirements, needs, curriculum design and objectives.
Other experiences and achievements include:
  1. Elaborating and designing a training and development manual at the Ministry of Defense Training Department.
  2. Developing the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of the Training Department at the Ministry of Defense.
  3. Supporting the Rabdan Academy to obtain the academic accreditation for the Master's program.
  4. Designing a smart electronic system for training and education at the Ministry of Defense.
  5. The electronic library for knowledge transfer at the Ministry of Defense.
Finally, Saeed’s educational profile includes a Bachelor’s Degree of Education Studies and Management from the London Metropolitan University in the UK.
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