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Talib Ghuloom Talib

Non-Resident Consultant

Governance and Organizational Development

Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services

He holds the executive Masters of public administration from MBRSG, class of 2017/2018 and a Masters’ in common law. He has 20 years of experience in administrative sciences, quality, organization governance, distinction, human resources and strategic planning.

His experience and career as a police officer in the general command of the Dubai police allowed him to leave his mark. He participated in devising the justice and security pillars of the government of Dubai strategy (2007-2015).
He proposed and participated in the development of the first global standard for creativity and innovation in Dubai Police.  He also contributed to the innovation of many governmental institutions and ministries in the country. After a series of successful accomplishments at the Dubai police, he went on to head the ambulance operations department at the Dubai corporation for ambulance services. He then became the manager of the continuous education and training department, where he worked on the development of many internal policies and systems such as the artificial intelligence governance policy.

In addition to his professional career, Talib is a writer and author, and had published 23 books and publications by 2018. His writings varied between literature, poetry, fiction, and critical and academic studies such as a critical reading of aspects of poetry and literary culture in the UAE.

He is a member of (6) professional associations including the Emirates Intellectual Property Society. Furthermore, he left his mark by delivering many lectures on different subjects and domains such as strategic planning, governance, creativity management and team work. 
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