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07 March 2015

There are many schools of thought and models of leadership as this field remains controversial in terms of concept and models. There is, however, a consensus on the importance of leadership and the pivotal role it plays in the development of organizations, nations and peoples. Consequently, the race to build leaders and promote the leadership thought has no boundaries. This is particularly true in light of the intensified global competition and rapid technological developments in a world that “recognizes neither the weak nor the second place”, to quote the words of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

Forty-three years since the union was founded, leadership was and remains the secret behind the success and prosperity of our nation. From the very beginning, the UAE was headed by effective, renowned and local leadership that contributed to building a modern state, becoming an exceptional worldwide model on federal experience. This leadership also proved that believing in concepts of leadership and developing new generations of leaders for the UAE government ensures success, sustainability and excellence, thus making successful leadership an embedded characteristic of this country. As such, the UAE established a unique school for outstanding leadership, one which we can proudly and confidently call the UAE Leadership School. Every Emirati has the right to be proud of this school, and to speak of UAE leaders, their achievements and attributes, at international forums. It is also our duty to research, document and build a framework for this distinguished school so that it may qualify future generations, and become the foundation for developing and building future leaders who will ensure continued development and excellence for the UAE. This report discusses the need to document the UAE leadership school and its objectives. It presents an overview of leadership development programs in the UAE and expresses the need to evaluate leadership development programs as well.
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