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Knowledge and Policy Council

16 April 2014

Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government (MBSRG) launched the ‘Knowledge and Policies Council’. The council aims to promote meaningful dialogue and enrich knowledge amongst various government entities, besides highlighting issues and public policies that are of relevance to both the community and the government.


The council will provide insights and recommendations on areas that impact the cooperation and development of government performance, while enhancing personal and institutional communication to facilitate intra-governmental relations.


The launch of the council will coincide with a discussion on ‘UAE Leadership School’. Examining the concept and applications of leadership in the UAE, the meeting will explore the possibility of converting the council into a school of thought for developing the leaders of tomorrow in order to ensure the continuity of excellence in the UAE.


Commenting on this initiative, Dr. Ali Sebaa Al Marri, Executive President of Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government, said: "The capabilities and practices of various government entities in the UAE have evolved dramatically and distinctively, becoming a worldwide reference for best practices. However, the rapid development of the world today on various aspects has led to an uneven level of practices between one entity and the other, creating a differentiation in capabilities and performance. The Knowledge and Policies Council has been created to enhance communication and coordination in knowledge exchange and planning to keep all parties fully up-to-date with the latest methods and practices on a local and global level."


Al Marri added: "The profound belief of the importance of our role in the development of governance methods and policy-making, and the need to keep all partners connected, MBRSG will ensure the engagement of participants with diversified backgrounds in each meeting from both the federal and local levels, and from the central authorities and specialized authorities such as ministries or departments and various government authorities. The resulting dialogue will help pave the way for a deep and comprehensive discussion on topics with varied perspectives.”

MBRSG will work on structuring the council through an integrated action agenda to ensure a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the issues raised. The sessions will be documented in a scientific way to optimize the benefit of the outputs and recommendations. It will also use modern technology to record the sessions and extract videos for the purposes of research and training at MBRSG, and to be published on the official website and social media accounts. The outcomes of the sessions will be used in the compilation of a scientific paper for inclusion in various publications.
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