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MBRSG Dialogues

28 February 2024

MBRSG Dialogues
MBRSG provides a sustainable platform through which various topics related to public administration and public policies are explored. We host specialized experts, including faculty members, researchers, and graduates of academic and executive programs, to enhance knowledge exchange and contribute to enriching the governmental sphere with the best experiences, practices, and expertise across various topics and specializations.

MBRSG Dialogues

Unleashing Innovation: Exploring the Power of Creative Problem Solving

Date: February 28th 2024

Time: 11:00 pm - 12:00 pm
Language: English

Location: MBRSG Zoom

Session 2: Unleashing Innovation: Exploring the Power of Creative Problem Solving

The global mental health crisis presents significant challenges to workforce productivity and retention. As technology evolves, assessing its role in promoting wellbeing becomes crucial for understanding its impact on employees and business outcomes. Familiarity with initiatives like the Dubai Wellbeing Strategy is vital, given recent exacerbating factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical tensions. Despite global awareness, many individuals, including those in the UAE and New Zealand, fail to seek mental health care. Addressing this crisis requires prioritizing psychological safety in the workplace and implementing effective therapies. Poor mental health adversely affects business performance, emphasizing the need for interventions like data-driven leadership and AI integration in wellness initiatives. Collaborative research efforts aim to drive positive change, highlighting the importance of holistic approaches and technological advancement, as demonstrated by the UAE's efforts in mental health.

Discussion Topics: 
  • Analyze key frameworks for workplace wellbeing.
  • Discuss how businesses can best integrate programs and align their strategies with these frameworks to enhance employee wellbeing.
  • Examine the role of AI in wellbeing strategies and how success can be enhanced through technology.
  • Emphasize the evolving future and significance of data and analytics in workplace wellbeing.
  • Identify the importance of measuring the success of wellbeing initiatives.
  • Prof. Immanuel Moonesar – Health Policy and Systems Research Professor at MBRSG
  • Dr Khulood Mohamed Hussain Ibrahim Alsayegh - Head of Standards & Guidelines at Dubai Health Authority
Who Should Attend: 

Business Leaders and Decision-Makers, Healthcare Professionals and Mental Health Advocates, Researchers and Technologists

Knowledge Session Series

Organizational Agility: Impact on Government Excellence

Date: January 30th 2024

Time: 11:00 pm - 12:00 pm
Language: Arabic

Location: MBRSG Zoom

Session 1: Organizational Agility: Impact on Government Excellence

In the first sessions of the MBRSG dialogues at the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government, Mr. Saleh Al-Hamouri, a graduate of the Master's program in Public Administration, explores a vital and impactful topic in New Public Administration. He sheds light on the Impact of Organizational Agility on Government Excellence. And on the radical transformation agility can inflect upon the performance of governments. We will examine the methods that enable governments to effectively respond to emerging challenges and how agility can enhance their capabilities to better serve citizens.

Discussion Topics: 
  • 1- Organizational Agility and its Importance in the Government Sector
  • Strategies for Achieving Organizational Agility
  • Successful Global and Local Experiences in Governmental Organizational Agility
  • Challenges and Solutions in Implementing Organizational Agility in Governments
  • Mr. Saleh Al Hammouri – MPA’ Alumna
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