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Executive Education Summaries

A Circular that contains the latest developments in government management, public policies, and institutional excellence. It focuses on the new concepts with the aim of contributing to disseminating knowledge.


Countries between innovation or extinction

This article was published by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, February 04, 2015. It was the launchpad of innovation in government institutions. The article has become a compass to improve the innovative environment in government institutions.

Innovation in government institutions -2 "Urgent need"

Innovation in government refers to the introduction of new and innovative ideas and solutions aimed at improving government operations, services, and the overall quality of life for citizens. They cover a wide range of areas, including technology, policy, and operations.

Innovation in government institutions "Ways to lead"

The rapid and numerous developments - in various fields of life - were reflected in the needs and preferences of individuals, which made the leading institutions strive to improve their products, services and business models, and not only that, but many leading government agencies tended to innovate new models that were not previously proposed

The Future Begins Now "Lessons, lessons and forward-looking - Part 1

The vision of the leaders of the United Arab Emirates is focused on making the UAE a city that keeps up with and pioneers in the field of the future, and that it be a model in proactivity, and a platform for testing every new concept and technology.

Crossroads of the real world with the virtual world - Part 2

"The future belongs to those who can imagine, design and implement it," His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, may God protect him, has said.

Agile Nations, The art of changing the tools of change

Change is an essential feature of today's Life (the world of VUCA), and it creates many challenges, ambiguities and complexity for institutions and government agencies alike. But can we stand and watch?? Or Shall we be ill-considered or irrational? of course not.

Strategic narrative of corporate strategy

The strategic narrative does not mean what the institution says, but what it does. Accordingly, developing a strategic narrative for the institution means giving a humane character to the institution’s mission;

Future Metaviruses and government uses

Futurists (who work in anticipating the future) try to anticipate the future by picking up on signals - although they are weak - and identifying drivers of change.

The path to agile government leading change success

It includes a summary of a study entitled "The Possibility of Government Transformation into an Agile Government."

Women's leadership in an age of challenges

Women in general enjoy special traits, talents, and special faculties that stem from their social nature. But is that enough for women to occupy leadership roles?! of course not.
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