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05 October 2020

ECKC Signs Agreement to Provide Consulting Services to Dubai Government Human Resources Department

The Emirates Centre for Knowledge and Consulting (ECKC) – the management consulting arm of the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government (MBRSG) – has signed an agreement with the Dubai Government Human Resources Department today (Monday, October 5, 2020), as part of its efforts to develop systems and policies, in addition to providing support and consulting services the Dubai Government Human Resources.

Through the agreement, the ECKC will provide innovative and forward-thinking management solutions that would advance government operations across the emirate. The ECKC will also be cooperating with the DGHR and other key stakeholders to shape the strategic plan for the Dubai Government Human Recourses Department (DGHR) in a way that meets the aspirations of the Dubai Government across all sectors in moving forward post COVID-19.

His Excellency Abdulla Ali bin Zayed Al Falasi, Director General of the Dubai Government Human Resources Department (DGHR), and MBRSG’s Executive President H.E. Dr Ali Sebaa Al Marri, signed the agreement, representing their respective entities, with the ECKC consulting team and the Department’s staff in attendance. The accord forms part of the existing collaboration framework between the Centre and the Department, which aims to update the DGHR’s strategic plans for the 2021-2023 period.

For his part, H.E. Abdullah Ali Zayed Al Falasi said: "DGHR Department is keen to innovate and works to keep pace with the development of government work in Dubai as well as coordinating with other government agencies to achieve the directions and aspirations of the Government of Dubai in all fields
Meanwhile, H.E. Dr Ali Al Marri asserted that MBRSG consistently employs its capacities and human resources to channel its extensive expertise in public policy towards developing government operations in Dubai, the UAE, and the region.

From this perspective, the agreement between DGHR Department and MBRSG’s Emirates Center for Knowledge and Consultancy to develop and modernize the Department's outstanding strategy for the next three years meets the expectations of the wise leadership to advance human resources and enable employees in the Dubai Government’s departments to perform their jobs in accordance with the highest international standards and based on the full conviction of the importance of human resource, and the need to provide all the comforts and happiness to him/her."
H.E. added that the employee is the government’s capital, and DGHR Department is working to develop human capabilities to reach the highest degree of professionalism. In light of this, it is necessary to develop an innovative strategy for DGHR Department to translate the aspirations of the wise leadership that utilizes all its capabilities to provide the necessary support to the human element, and invest in creating the model environment that helps it to provide the best possible performance, develop its skills and rehabilitation, and upgrade advance human resources, to keep pace with the rapid transformation of government work.

“The agreement to provide management consulting services to the Dubai Government Human Resources Department reflects our commitment to transfer knowledge, experience, and international best practice to the government sector, in a bid to advance skills of staff members and establish a work environment that meets the wise leadership’s expectations and aspirations,” H.E. added. “The accord is a continuation of the strategic partnership between MBRSG and the DGHR, which, over the years, has led to numerous successes in government administration and human resources.”

“We, at the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government, will continue to offer our support, collaborate with various government and private entities in the UAE and the region, and play an impactful role in the comprehensive development transforming every sector in the Emirates,” H.E. Al Marri concluded.

As per the agreement, MBRSG’s Emirates Centre for Knowledge and Consulting shall cooperate with the Dubai Government Human Resources Department to review the latter’s strategic plan for the 2021-2023 period, updating it to keep pace with the strategic directions of the Government and the wise leadership, in line with ambitious plans to shape a better future for human resources and ensure sustainability in the development of government operations.

On that note, ECKC Director Sarah Talib indicated that the Centre will manage and implement the project in collaboration with the Dubai Government Human Resources Department, reviewing and analysing the results of the Department’s strategic plan for the 2017-2019 period. The ECKC will organise brainstorming sessions to determine an outline for the upcoming strategic plan, proposing forward-thinking scenarios for the future of human resources, and conducting local, regional, and international benchmarking comparisons. 

Talib went on to explain that the Centre will carry out studies and analyses using the latest strategic methods and tools used for analysis in the field of strategy, which will contribute to identify the elements of the department's updated strategic plan in order to leverage on the lessons learned during the pandemic.

The DGHR strategic plan revolves around six elements: vision, mission, institutional values, strategic objectives along with performance indicators, strategic pillars and their definitions, and the strategic maps.

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