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24 October 2013

Mhamed Biygautane speaks in Hong Kong

Mhamed Biygautane, researcher at the Government and Public Management Program, gave a series of three lectures at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, one of Hong Kong’s most prominent educational institutions.
He gave a presentation entitled “Dubai and Hong Kong: Two Powerful City States in the Global Economy- Challenges and Opportunities” in an event organized in collaboration between The International Affairs Research Center (IARC) and Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).  Biygautane’s presentation shed light on the developmental trajectories of these two city states, illustrated the commonalities between them and traced their success stories. It also examined the current trade relations between Hong Kong and the UAE generally and Dubai more specifically. The challenges that these two city states face in the current fluctuating global economic and political stages were discussed in detail.
Mr. Biygautane gave two more lectures entitled: Dubai’s Economic and Developmental Model: Is it Sustainable?” at the Environmental Policy and Governance Program at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and also at the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies. These two lectures looked closely at Dubai’s developmental model and traced its historical development and its uniqueness in the region. It addressed the question whether this economic model can sustain itself amidst fluctuating and turbulent international markets and assessing the challenges facing its growth and the opportunities that may be harvested under the liberal and open market policies that have been implemented. 
These three lectures were attended by more than 600 people and gave an overview about Dubai and the UAE’s economic growth and developmental paradigm.  As new channels were created, opportunities for collaboration between the Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government and the Chinese University of Hong Kong which include research and joint events will be discussed in the near future.
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