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Terms and Conditions applicable to MBRSG Scholarships

    1. These terms and conditions (the Terms) shall:
      1.  apply to all applications made in respect of any Scholarship; and
      2.  apply to any Award of Scholarships made by MBRSG, unless expressly stated otherwise in any Offer Letter.
    2. By submitting a Scholarship Application Form or Accepting an Offer Letter you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out herein.
    3. Further terms and conditions may be set out in an Offer Letter applicable to a particular Award. No terms or conditions endorsed on, delivered with, or contained in the Acceptance of an Offer Letter, shall form part of an Award except to the extent that MBRSG expressly agrees in writing.
    1. Notice of Scholarships being offered will be advertised by MBRSG on an annual basis and will be open for applications by eligible candidates until:
      Applications will not be considered if the completed Scholarship application form and supporting documents are not received by the submission date.
      1. 29th July, 2024 for candidates applying for the Fall semester 2024
      2. 31st December 2024 for candidates applying for the Spring Semester 2025.
    2. The Application Form together with the supporting documentations specified therein as being required. Applications will not be considered if the required information and/or documents are incomplete or not submitted.
    3. Applicants should be aware that MBRSG does not guarantee that any Scholarship will be Awarded and MBRSG accepts no responsibility or liability for any damages, costs or expenses an applicant may incur as a consequence of any failure to award or delay in awarding any Scholarship for any reason. In order to be eligible to receive any Scholarship all candidates must meet the established enrolment criteria for MBRSG. Candidates for Scholarships must demonstrate the ability to pay all tuition fees in the event that a Scholarship is withdrawn or is not renewed in respect of a subsequent academic year.
    4. There are a limited number of Scholarships available. Scholarships will be awarded based on the merit and performance abilities. MBRSG is under no obligation to award all or any Scholarships. Scholarships are granted, renewed and withdrawn at the sole discretion of MBRSG. The MBRSG Scholarship Committee's decision will be final and binding.
    5. Before final selection, candidates may be interviewed by the MBRSG Scholarship Committee.
    6. Candidates are able to apply for multiple Scholarships, however, each candidate shall only be eligible to receive one Award. In the event that a candidate is potentially eligible for more than one Award then MBRSG may, but is not obliged to, contact the Candidate in advance of making an Award in order to discuss the candidate's preferences.
    1. Awards of Scholarships shall be made to successful applicants for Scholarships (each an Offer Recipient) by MBRSG in writing via an official offer letter (Offer Letter). MBRSG will aim to issue Offer Letters: a) before the end of January (for candidates applying for Spring semester); or b) before the end of August (for candidates applying for Fall semester).
    2. Awards shall be accepted by Offer Recipients in accordance with the terms of the applicable Offer Letter. In particular, an Award must be accepted by the date indicated in Offer Letter. If the Offer Recipient declines or does not take up the Award within such timeframe, MBRSG may revoke the Offer Letter.
    3. The terms of the Award and the Scholarship as specified in the Offer Letter are non-negotiable.
    4. It is a requirement of each Award that an Offer Recipient is fully registered and enrolled with the MBRSG no later than three (3) weeks prior to the commencement of the Academic Year, and remains so for the duration of the Scholarship. Where an Offer Recipient fails to register with MBRSG in respect of its programme of study by such date, MBRSG reserves the right to revoke the Offer Letter and the Award with immediate effect.
    5. In the event that there are an outstanding (partial) tuition fees or other amounts payable to MBRSG by the student or sponsors of an Offer Recipient ("Outstanding Fees") the Award shall not be capable of Acceptance until such Outstanding Fees have been settled. In the event that Outstanding Fees accrue during any Academic semester during the Academic Year to which a Scholarship relates MBRSG may, at its sole discretion, cancel the Scholarship in respect of all subsequent Academic semesters, unless the Outstanding Fees are paid by the end of the Academic semester to which they relate.

    MBRSG shall use reasonable endeavors to notify unsuccessful candidates via email from the MBRSG Scholarship Committee or the Awarding School as soon as reasonably practical. Due to the large number of applications for Scholarships, it is not be possible for candidates to request or receive individualized feedback and no further correspondence regarding any decision, determination or award made by the MBRSG Scholarship Committee will be entered into.

    1. It is acknowledged and agreed that all Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of a concession to, or reduction in, the tuition fees that would otherwise be payable in respect of the Scholar for the Academic Year in relation to which the Scholarship has been awarded. Scholarships shall not apply to, be set-off against or reduce any other fees or payments that may be payable to MBRSG or any third party (including any registration fees, government or municipality fees, the cost of books, transportation, accommodation, extra-curricular activities, curricular or extra-curricular trips, field trips) in relation to a Scholar's enrollment.
    2. In no circumstances shall any Scholarship Award be exchangeable for cash in part or in full.
    3. Unless expressly stated in the Offer Letter, any Scholarship shall take the form of a reduction to the benchmark tuition fees (as advertised on that would otherwise be payable by a Scholar. In particular, in the event that an Award is Accepted it may be used in conjunction with any other grants or sponsorships toward tuition fees. However, MBRSG reserves the right to determine the amount it shall award in cases where other grants or scholarships toward tuition have been given.
    4. Scholarships are no transferable and cannot be accelerated to an earlier or deferred to a later date.
    1. Each Scholarship is awarded in respect of a single Academic Year (2 semesters).
    2. Scholars are eligible to reapply for a further Scholarship in respect of subsequent Academic Years, however, the renewal of any Scholarship shall be considered together with all other applications for Scholarships and be available at the sole discretion of MBRSG. Renewal of a Scholarship will depend on each Scholar's engagement and academic progress
    1. In order to be eligible to receive any Scholarship all Scholars must continue to be registered and enrolled with MBRSG throughout the Academic Year to which the Scholarship relates. In the event that a Scholar ceases to be registered or enrolled with MBRSG at any time during the term of their Scholarship MBRSG may revoke the Scholarship with immediate effect.
    2. In the event that Outstanding Fees accrue during any Academic semester during the Academic Year to which a Scholarship relates MBRSG may, at its sole discretion, cancel the Scholarship in respect of all subsequent Academic semesters (see section 7.3 below), unless the Outstanding Fees are paid by the end of the Academic Semester to which they relate.
    3. It is acknowledged and agreed that each Scholarship is awarded subject to the Scholar:
      1. maintaining course progression requirements
      2. meeting attendance requirements as identified in the MBRSG's student handbook;
      3. meeting MBRSG's behavioral standards as defined in the student handbook;
      4. participating in all mentoring meetings and activities required by MBRSG, unless excused by the mentor;
      5. agreeing to represent MBRSG in their area of specialism;
      6. demonstrating expected academic progress and continuous improvement in the specialist area for which the Scholarship was awarded;
      7. demonstrating model students behavior towards their contemporaries, teachers and other adults; and
      8. satisfying any other criteria set out in the Offer Letter (the "Offer Criteria"). If at any stage MBRSG determines in their sole discretion that the Scholar has failed to meet any Offer Criteria, then MBRSG may withdraw the Scholarship with effect from the commencement of the following Academic semester.
    4. MBRSG reserves the right to withdraw a Scholarship immediately and without notice to the Scholar where it is determined by MBRSG that such Scholar has misled about any aspect of its eligibility to receive the Scholarship. Under any such circumstances, MBRSG shall be entitled to seek repayment of any portion of the benefit of a Scholarship which has been availed by the Scholar prior to such determination.
    1. In accepting any Award each Scholar hereby expressly consents and grants permission to MBRSG and such persons as MBRSG may authorize from time to time to use the Scholar's name, image and any applicable case study information in any publication, marketing, or advertising associated with MBRSG (including but not limited to the MBRSG website, social media channels, print and electronic media). Each Scholar agrees to ensure that MBRSG is regularly updated in the event that there is any change to the Scholar's relevant contact details, and that MBRSG holds a non-School email address through which the Scholar can be contacted at all times.
    2. Scholars may be required to attend internal and external events held by the MBRSG and photos and videos of Scholars at the event (along with their name and Scholarship), may be used for promotional purposes by MBRSG  and / or our partner organizations, including but not limited to the MBRSG website, social media channels, print and electronic media.
    3. Scholars may be required to attend and represent MBRSG in any national or international competition relevant to their area of excellence.
    4. Each Scholar waives the right to inspect or approve the finished product, the advertising copy or other matter that may be used in connection therewith or the use to which it may be applied. If a Scholar does not wish for their details to be passed on to media or used for promotional purposes, they must notify the MBRSG in writing.
    5. Each Scholar hereby consents to MBRSG contacting them at any time following completion of the Scholar's studies to seek updates regarding how the Scholarship may have impacted upon or influenced the Scholar's career.
    6. Each Scholar acknowledged that in the course of administering the Scholarship MBRSG may have access to certain confidential information about the Scholar. MBRSG undertakes to use all reasonable endeavors to keep such information confidential and not to share such information with any third party without the Scholar's prior consent. Each Scholar hereby agree that nothing in these terms and conditions shall be taken to prevent the MBRSG from making any disclosure required under any laws in any jurisdiction.
    1. MBRSG reserves the right to amend or make changes to these Terms at any time where such a change arises as a result of changes in regulations or legislation affecting all or any of the Scholarships.
    2. MBRSG may unilaterally amend or make changes these Terms by giving any candidate or Scholar at least one (1) month’s written notice of MBRSG’s intention to do so. In the event that Recipients do not wish to accept any such revised terms, Recipients reserve the right to terminate this Agreement by written notice to MBRSG.
    1. If the whole or any part of any provision of these Terms are void or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, the other provisions of these Terms, and the rest of the void or unenforceable provision, will continue in force in that jurisdiction, and the validity and enforceability of that provision in any other jurisdiction will not be affected.

These Terms shall be interpreted according to the laws of the United Arab Emirates

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In these Terms the following defined terms shall have the following meanings:

Academic Year :means the Academic Year of MBRSG
Academic semester means each semester of the Academic Year of MBRSG.
Accepted means the candidate's parent or legal guardian having counter-signed the Offer Letter and Acceptance shall have the corresponding meaning.
Award means an offer of a Scholarship on the terms set out in an Offer Letter (which shall be deemed to incorporate these Terms).
MBRSG means the Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government, which is a School of Government and a knowledge platform operating in the Emirate of Dubai
MBRSG Scholarship Committee means the committee formed by MBRSG from time to time for the purposes of assessing applications for and awarding Scholarships.
Offer Letter has the meaning given in Clause 3.1.
Offer Recipients has the meaning given in Clause 3.1
Scholar means a candidate who has received and accepted an Offer Letter.
Scholarship means a scholarship offered by MBRSG to the existing or prospective students of its schools.
Scholarship Application Form means the application form in the form prescribed by MBRSG from time to time.
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