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Case Studies



Innovation in Human Resource Management and People’s Happiness

Published on: July 2018​ Genre: Happiness|Innovation​ Category: Case Studies​

In collaboration with the Center of Organizational Research in New Zealand (COER), the initiativ...

Innovation in Business Process Management

Published on: July 2018​ Genre: Innovation​ Category: Case Studies​

In collaboration with the Center of Organizational Excellence Research in New Zealand, (COER), th...

Empowering Women in Remote Communities and Safeguarding Heritage

Published on: April 2018​
Genre: Feminisms​ Category: Case Studies​

​UAE has over ninety per cent of its population living in urban areas. Settlements in rural areas...

Innovation in Procurement Management

Published on: March 2018​ Genre: Innovation|UAE Studies|United Arab Emirates (UAE)​ Category: Case Studies​

The Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP), part of the General Secretariat of the Executive ...

The Roadmap For Building A Business With Heart

Published on: April 2017​
Genre: Social Change​ Category: Case Studies​

A business with heart need not be a large corporation with a strong CSR outreach program; it can ...

General Electric and Corporate Citizenship: Transforming Oncology Healthcare in KSA

Published on: March 2016​ Genre: Citizen Engagement|Citizenship​ Category: Case Studies​

Over the past few years, Corporate Citizenship has become an important and thoroughly discussed ...

A Smart City for Public Value

Published on: February 2016​
Genre: Smart Dubai|Smart Government|Technology|United Arab Emirates (UAE)​ Category: Case Studies​

What makes a city “smart” in the digital age? How can a complex urban fabric develop intelligence...

Noor Dubai Foundation: Initiatives in developing countries

Published on: December 2015​
Genre: Development​ Category: Case Studies​

The Noor Dubai Foundation (the foundation) is a non-governmental and not-for-profit international...

Ajman Free Zone Authority: Services

Published on: December 2015​
Genre: Development​ Category: Case Studies​

A prominent feature of competitive markets is that the entities involved must continuously find n...

Policy Development: WELLCARE INFOTECH

Published on: December 2015​
Genre: Policy Implementation​ Category: Case Studies​

Mr. Maniyan Nayakam Pillai, the Managing Director at Wellcare Infotech L.L.C.1 which was founded ...

Cross-Cultural Management in the Middle East

Published on: December 2015​
Genre: Culture​ Category: Case Studies​

Companies that expand their operations to different regions across the globe face a major challen...

From Majlis to Hashtag: The UAE National Brainstorming Session Engaging Citizens through Social M...

Published on: February 2015​
Genre: Citizen Engagement|Governance|Governance and Innovation Program|Smart Government|Social Media|UAE Studies​ Category: Case Studies​

Produced by the Governance and Innovation Program, Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government in pa...

Innovation for Integrated Service Delivery: The Case of SADAD in Saudi Arabia

Published on: June 2014​
Genre: Innovation|Social Change​ Category: Case Studies​

Until 2007, both service providers and the consumers of public and private services in the Kingdo...

Public Sector Reforms in Fiji: Examining Policy Implementation Setting and Administrative Culture

Published on: November 2013​ Genre: Political Reform|Public Financial Management|Public Policy​ Category: Case Studies​

For many years, public management reform has been an evolving concept. New Public Management (NPM...

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