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The Roadmap For Building A Business With Heart

The Roadmap For Building A Business With Heart

Published on: April 2017​
Genre: Social Change​ Category: Case Studies​
A business with heart need not be a large corporation with a strong CSR outreach program; it can be a startup that has an embedded purpose to do good. The need to look beyond profits seems to be more relevant today when we look at the tragedies this world of ours is facing. While CSR is often short-lived –often confined to an accounting year- embedding purpose in an organization outlines the way you would want to do business. B-Corporation and many social entrepreneurs, especially those with a for-profit model are revolutionizing the way organizations can act in the context of the broader society. The Better Business Better World report finds that achieving the Global Goals creates at least US$12 trillion market in opportunities for business. There are four billion people living in poverty (incomes below $3,000 in purchasing power) and collectively worth a $5 trillion market with a rapidly growing mobile user base. If the opportunity is so large, why do so many businesses fail in the “Business with Heart” arena? Let me call this type of entrepreneur, for the want of a better word, the social entrepreneur. Here are five steps to help you move forward.

1. Are you focusing on the problem or the solution? 

A social entrepreneur should have a well-defined purpose. One of the challenges well-meaning people do, is that when they are in a hurry to find a solution, they identify the wrong problem and hence treat the symptom and not the cause. People or communities maybe blind to what the issue is. Read More


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