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The Arab Region SDGs Index and Dashboards 2023-2024

The Arab Region SDGs Index and Dashboards 2023-2024

Published on: February 2024​ Author: ​Lama Zakzak |Dr. Fadi Salem  Non-Resident Authors: Mari Luomi, Grayson Fuller, Guillaume Lafortune Genre: Government Summit​ Category: Economic Policy​
Amidst growing developmental needs, the Arab region faces increasing climate change risks projected to amplify preexisting social, economic, and environmental challenges in the region. Sustaining climate action – reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and enhancing resilience - is of paramount importance. However, the impacts of these efforts extend beyond the environmental scope. There are profound social and economic ramifications influenced by how climate-related goals are achieved, including effects on social justice, gender equality, health, well-being, poverty, unemployment, and social and political stability. Countries' pathways toward sustainable and environmentally friendly economies need to consider these factors to reach a fair and inclusive future for all. To steer the Arab region's efforts, it is essential to utilize data and evidence-based policies.

This edition of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Index and Dashboards in the Arab Region aims to provide a practical data-driven tool for governments, policymakers, and other stakeholders to measure progress on the SDGs, shed light on implementation challenges and uncover data gaps. The Arab Region SDGs Index and Dashboards report for 2023/2024 utilizes insights derived from data on the performance of Arab countries in achieving the SDGs to explore challenges and opportunities associated with fair transitions in the Arab region.

Practically, the index includes 113 indicators covering the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, with each indicator having a specific score (ranging from 0 to 100) and a traffic light color (green, yellow, orange, or red) to indicate performance. Additionally, arrows visually illustrate progress trends towards goal achievement for those indicators where data is available for several years. Among the indicators, the Arab Region SDG Index 2023/2024 contains 29 unique indicators that particularly reflect regional priorities and challenges.
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