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Healthcare systems around the world are becoming increasingly patient-centered; moreover, through advanced technologies and access to information patients are empowered to make more informed and better decisions about their health management. Patients’ needs are constantly changing. New technologies in healthcare provisions disrupt the way health systems deliver their services. Competitors who adapt survive the change, and those how do not are more likely to lag behind. Since its establishment, the UAE has strived to create a healthcare sector that delivers high quality services and attracts opportunities. The UAE redefined its regulatory body and adapted to changes in healthcare demands throughout time. This created stable environment for its healthcare system which is necessary for effective and reliable operations. The country also witnessed numerous reforms in its health sector that led to changes in patient behaviour and demands. However, regulations in the healthcare sector need to be flexible enough to allow for faster changes and rapid adaptation to market demands. As a growing concept, agility has been viewed by organizations as a way to survive the rapid market changes. Agility in UAE’s health sector can be an opportunity to develop flexibility in decision making and allow for smoother adaptation.

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