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​Over the past few years, Corporate Citizenship has become an important and thoroughly discussed concept in the private sector. Corporate Citizenship can be defined as the ability of businesses to contribute positively, both socially and economically, to the society in which they operate, while maintaining their profit-making ambitions. One particular company that has consistently demonstrated Corporate Citizenship is General Electric. 

General Electric describes itself as a “diversified infrastructure, finance and media company”. It currently operates in over 100 countries and employs nearly 300, 000 individuals. In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), General Electric is involved in a broad range of projects.  More specifically, General Electric’s work in MENA can be classified into three broad categories: 
  1. Building infrastructure 
  2. Social development 
  3. Diversification of products and services
General Electric’s main bjectives are profit-making, doing so ethically, and facilitating long-term sustainable social development and change (Balakrishnan and Moonesar, 2015) in its countries of operation.

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