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The digital society has increased expectations from e-service delivery among citizens and businesses and consumers, who reportedly want more from their public administrators (European Commission; 2017). At the same time, there is a push for governments to make services more efficient and cost-effective within their operations especially when administrations are increasingly pressured to maximize the use of public finances, which account for almost half of GDP across the EU (European Commission, 2017). The good news is: E-governance offers a number of positive, new solutions. 
The promise of such solutions has catalyzed a global drive for the digital transformation of government, a new movement of accountable, transparent, and efficient public service. With its experimental approach and continued success, Estonia has come to be the leading example for the e-government movement. This report will serve as a case study on Estonia’s e-government transition, helping administrations and ministries understand the demands and benefits of transitioning to the digital delivery of public services.
While the e-government movement is growing, many who have yet to participate in an e-society may consider the following questions: Will reduced costs and efficiency outweigh the costs of citizens’ perceived loss of privacy, possible data breaches, and trust in the government? Can various jurisdictions create a digital bridge, rather than a divide? Will there be inclusiveness and access to all? Will the key stakeholders actually use these services? As many governments and legislators globally are still at the early stage of e-governance, there needs to be effective operational frameworks to ensure protection for all stakeholders. To that end, better understanding Estonia’s e-government can provide a useful blueprint for officials who have the goal to create a digital society that serves the local populace.

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