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The Heart of an Agile Government – Future Public Value

The Heart of an Agile Government – Future Public Value

Published on: February 2020​ Genre: UAE Public Policy Forum​ Category: Future Government and Innovation​
Agile government is an evolving concept that focuses on delivering future public value. Yet, the theoretical concepts of how this value must be delivered in the face of complexities are not clear. This paper conceptually argues that the successful process of an agile transformation of a public sector depends on (1) the ability to determine future value (2) the ability to align perceptions of value among multiple stakeholders and (3) building a robust process based on trust. The paper highlights examples from the UAE, Japan, Singapore, Estonia, and the USA of the challenges and successes in creating an agile government. The broader steering role of a government that wants to catalyze this transformation must focus on leadership and values, the Institutional structure, and
finally global citizenship. 

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