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The UAE and the Future of Work

The UAE and the Future of Work

Published on: November 2017​ Genre: E-Government|Implementation|United Arab Emirates (UAE)​ Category: Future Government and Innovation​
The future of work is undergoing major shifts, driven by various forces from technological developments to demographic realities. Due to the nature of its workforce and labor market, the UAE is deeply impacted by these global transformations. As a result, it has demonstrated unwavering commitment towards investing in its local talent, innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives, as well as technological adoption. However, the pace by which global markets and industries are changing presents various challenges. To succeed at advancing its vision for innovation and global competitiveness the UAE must effectively respond to these challenges and anticipate their impact on the labor force. 

This working paper addresses the key drivers of change impacting the future of work in the UAE and the technological drivers of these changes, characterized as part of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’. Their impact on industry and work will be addressed, and the current strategies employed to respond to these changes will be highlighted. By acknowledging dynamics impacting the future of work, the UAE can fully embrace these change drivers, advancing its national vision of becoming a knowledge-based economy, and ushering in a new era in the country’s history.

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