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It is not unusual for the path of national growth and for development processes to be closely linked with vast transformation planning and organizational change. The UAE is no exception. Rather the country's experience has become a model for change and transformation, and the UAE leadership has played a pivotal role in embedding a rapid, comprehensive and sustainable course for growth in the UAE. Over the past decade, many government institutions have realized significant transformation that has greatly contributed to strengthening and enriching the development and growth process in the UAE.
Stemming from the state's belief in the important role leadership plays in administrating and implementing change and the importance of developing leaders armed with knowledge, capability and skills, the state boasts numerous leadership development programs, within federal and local government, state entities, and public organizations. Over the years, these programs were able to provide government entities with exceptional competencies and capabilities that have enriched performance and enhanced the operational capabilities of institutional government.
  In its second session, the Knowledge and Policies Council brought together representatives of prominent leadership development programs in the UAE. The aim of the session was to discuss the effectiveness of these programs and opportunities for further development of these programs in order to increase their direct and sustainable impact. While many opportunities for improving program performance at various phases were identified, the most important outcome of the meeting can be summarized as follows: there is consensus on the need to strengthen links among programs and to create a platform for supporting effective communication as well. The value of creating such a platform is not limited to increasing opportunities for knowledge and experience sharing, coordinating program curricula or content, but goes beyond that towards enhancing leadership efficiency (as an integrated program product), and enhancing program credibility and impact for all categories of participating stakeholders, institutions and the community at large.

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