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Public leadership and strategic management

This research area is focused on producing empirical research into the inter-related phenomena of public leadership and strategic management in governments in the UAE. Governments are the main tool for achievement of UAE government agendas, and yet there is little research into how they work. This research focuses primarily on individual leaders and managers as the unit of study, in line with the practice turn in strategic management and leadership studies. 
Current and planned research in this area:
  • Purposes, practices and arenas of public leadership
  • Public leadership development in the UAE
  • Public leadership behaviors, job satisfaction and performance
  • Sense-making by middle managers in government. 


Making the Case for a PPP Unit in Dubai

Published on: December 2017​
Genre: Public Event|Public Policy|United Arab Emirates (UAE)​ Category: Public Leadership​

How can Dubai best prepare itself for the expected increase in the number of publicprivate partne...

Open Source Leadership 2017

Published on: December 2017​ Genre: Leadership​ Category: Public Leadership​

Open Source Leadership is a global study undertaken by the Iclif Leadership and Governance Centre...

Policy Council #7: The Future of Public Leadership Development

Published on: October 2016​
Genre: Knowledge and Policies Council|Policy Implementation​ Category: Public Leadership​

Developing the next generation of leaders is a recognised strategic challenge for UAE governments...

Cross-Cultural Management in the Middle East

Published on: December 2015​
Genre: Culture​ Category: Public Leadership​

Companies that expand their operations to different regions across the globe face a major challen...

Street-level bureaucracy: dilemmas of the individual in public services

Published on: October 2015​
Genre: Public Services​ Category: Public Leadership​

Lipsky defines street-level bureaucrats as the people who meet citizens at the interface between ...

Leadership, James MacGregor Burns, 1978

Published on: September 2015​
Genre: Academic Programs​ Category: Public Leadership​

Students of leadership will sooner or later arrive at Leadership by James MacGregor Burns. Publis...

Leadership on the Line

Published on: June 2015​ Genre: Academic Programs​ Category: Public Leadership​

The book reviewed is entitled, “Leadership on the Line: Staying Alive through the Dangers of Lead...

Factors Affecting Knowledge Transfer in Public Organization Employees

Published on: January 2015​
Genre: Culture|Knowledge Sharing|Knowledge Transfer|Public Organization​ Category: Public Leadership​

Managing knowledge is considered an essential resource for both public and private sector organiz...

Knowledge and Policy Council Second Session Report- June 2014- Leadership Building Efforts.. Jour...

Published on: June 2014​
Genre: Education​ Category: Public Leadership​

It is not unusual for the path of national growth and for development processes to be closely lin...

Knowledge and Policy Council - First Session Report: UAE Leadership School

Published on: March 2014​
Genre: Policy Implementation​ Category: Public Leadership​

Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government (MBSRG) launched the ‘Knowledge and Policies Council’. T...

The Role of Social Accountability in Poverty Alleviation Programs in Developing Countries: An Ana...

Published on: March 2014​
Genre: International Politics​ Category: Public Leadership​

In spite of different approaches being experimented over the past six decades, poverty alleviatio...

The Impact of Effective Training on Organizational Performance in Dubai’s Public Sector, Mhamed B...

Published on: February 2014​
Genre: Comparative Middle East Politics​ Category: Public Leadership​

The challenges governments face today are both internal and external; globalization, new technolo...

The Rudiments for an Effective Training Strategy: Practical Insights from Dubai Government’s Expe...

Published on: February 2014​
Genre: Dubai Model|External Partnerships|Public Financial Management|Public Policy​ Category: Public Leadership​

Human resource and training literature indicate that the design of a training strategy is the fir...

Training During Times of Financial Constraints: Lessons from the Case of Dubai’s Public Sector, M...

Published on: February 2014​
Genre: Dubai Model|External Partnerships|Public Policy​ Category: Public Leadership​

When financial crises strike governments, the first departments that usually witness sharp budget...

Public Sector Reforms in Fiji: Examining Policy Implementation Setting and Administrative Culture

Published on: November 2013​ Genre: Political Reform|Public Financial Management|Public Policy​ Category: Public Leadership​

For many years, public management reform has been an evolving concept. New Public Management (NPM...

The Role of Public Consultations in Regulatory Decision-Making: Thoughts and Reflections Based On...

Published on: October 2013​
Genre: ICT for development|open government|policy implementation​ Category: Public Leadership​

This paper builds upon empirical data collected from 42 interviews with decision-makers, regulate...

Rethinking Women Leadership Development Programs in the UAE

Published on: December 2012​
Genre: Category: Public Leadership​

In the increasingly globalized context of the UAE, women’s leadership development programs have b...

Knowledge Management in the UAE’s Public Sector: the Case of Dubai

Published on: April 2012​
Genre: Governance/Public Sector Management|Knowledge Management and ICT|Organizational Development​ Category: Public Leadership​

This working paper highlights the importance of the creation, capturing, documentation and dissem...

The Political Economy of Privatization in the Maghreb Region: How Domestic and External Factors Have

Published on: November 2011​
Genre: Economics/Finance|Governance/Public Sector Management|Organizational Development​ Category: Public Leadership​

This working paper examines the political economy of privatization in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

The Current State of Knowledge Management in Dubai’s Public Sector Organizations: Assessment and ...

Published on: June 2011​
Genre: Category: Public Leadership​

This policy brief examines the current state of knowledge management (KM) in Dubai’s public sector.

Enablers and Barriers to Effective Knowledge Management: The Case of Dubai’s Public Sector

Published on: April 2011​
Genre: Category: Public Leadership​

This brief assesses the performance of Knowledge Management (KM) programs in Dubai’s public secto...

Global Challenge, Regional Responses: Forging a Common Approach to Maritime Piracy

Published on: April 2011​
Genre: International Politics|Strategy and Development​ Category: Public Leadership​

This collection of 23 briefing papers from leading counter-piracy experts was prepared by DSG for...

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