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Making the Case for a PPP Unit in Dubai

Making the Case for a PPP Unit in Dubai

Published on: December 2017​
Genre: Public Event|Public Policy|United Arab Emirates (UAE)​ Category: Public Leadership​
How can Dubai best prepare itself for the expected increase in the number of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in the coming years? What can it do to ensure that they are well designed and managed and that they provide value for  money? One way to do this is to set up a PPP unit at the heart of government that can provide expert knowledge and guidance at every stage of the process. This conclusion is reached by a review of the literature relating to PPPs, including their oversight, management and development in other countries.

The main recommendation of this policy brief is the creation of a PPP unit within the Government of Dubai. Drawing on previous experiences and lessons from PPP units from around the world, the briefing highlights four factors that will need to be addressed if such a unit is to be successful. One, it must establish what its functions and roles should be. Two, it should recruit highly qualified individuals who can provide technical expertise and help train and prepare other government officials. Three, it should be located in the Government of Dubai where it can use Dubai’s experience  of PPPs to become the UAE’s leading resource. Four, it would ideally be based in the Government of Dubai’s Department of  Finance to give it sufficient importance and to help coordinate PPP activities across ministries.

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