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Innovation Management

Promote a culture of innovation and building institutional capacity to manage the mechanisms and processes that will encouraging the intellectual capital to generate innovative ideas and turn them into projects and initiatives that develop the institution and enable them to enhance their competitiveness and contribute to the achievement of the national agenda for innovation.

  Create a sustainable culture of innovation supported by scientific and practical tools to motivate innovative idea generation.

  1. Enable the institutional innovation team to understand the process of innovation ti develop mechanisms and methods for managing innovation and creative thinking.
  2. Assess innovation within organizations based on the latest international standards and assuring consistency with the national strategy for innovation
  3. Develop a comprehensive strategy for innovation management; and culture.
  4. Review and develop a systematic management of innovation based on the best practices in addition to the development of mechanisms to encourage the generation of ideas and management the process efficiently and effectively.
  5. Reposition business models for the management of innovation including processes, governance and performance management and values needed as a tool for innovation process and capabilities.
  6. Enable the institution to look to the future & draft ideas for services & business models with possible alternative & scenarios.
Human Resources Management

Empower and upgrade the capacity of organizations in Human Resources Management to assure the optimal investment of human capacity, develop policies and; procedures to create a sustainable and strong organizational environment capable of keeping up with local and international changes & challenges.

  1. Develop Human Resources strategy, manpower planning, recruitment, training and development, and performance management.
  2. Develop Human Resources policies & procedures, work methodologies, and systems based on local and international best practices.
  3. Capacity building and talent management for Human Resources in organizations.
  4. Study of human resources productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness in organizations.
  5. Implementation of Human Resources local & international excellence standards.
Knowledge Management

Building the organizational capacity of Knowledge Management to support decision makers and contribute in building learning organizations through the application of best practices in Knowledge Management, locally and globally.

  1. Empowering the organizational workforce team to use the latest knowledge management tools by executing specialized trainings and projects in Knowledge Management.
  2. Assessing the Knowledge Management level of Maturity in organizations based on latest international standards.
  3. Developing Knowledge Management Strategy.
  4. Review, develop, and enhance the work methodologies based on the latest best practices in Knowledge Management.
  5. Enable organizations to conduct self-assessment and develop methodologies supporting the Knowledge Management strategy.
Governance and Organizational Development

Develop organizational governance frameworks, which include Board of Directors, Organization Structures, Process & Procedures and Authority Matrix, according to officials standards and systems of the country.

  • Design and Develop Organization Structure,
  • Design and Develop Positional Structure,
  • Develop Policies and Institutional Governance Frameworks for Board of Directors, Committees and Task Forces,
  • Develop Functional Mandates of the Organization Units,
  • Draft Job Descriptions,
  • Develop Authority Matrix,
  • Conduct Process Re-engineering,
Strategy and Performance Management

Build the competitive capability of the public and private sctor entities through the development of strategies and institutional performance management systems according to best local, regional and international practices.

  1. Design and develop the Entity’s vision, mission and values
  2. Build the Strategy map including its themes and objectives
  3. Draft the strategic objectives details
  4. Identify Key Performance Indicators and Targets
  5. Identify and draft the strategies and initiatives to bridge the performance gaps
  6. Measure the strategies and initiatives execution performance and the targets achievement.

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