Terms and Condition on Online Application for Graduate Programs

MBRSG ensures that all applications are considered on academic merit in accordance with the admission criteria. MBRSG applies ethical practices in respect to all applications and no discriminatory practices are tolerated. 
Please read the following terms, conditions and instructions carefully and acknowledge your acceptance of them before completing the Online Application For Admission Form. 

  1. Applications must be completed and submitted by the original applicant themselves.
  2. Information is respect to All questions marked with an asterisk (*) must be provided. Incomplete applications will not be assessed for admission to an MBRSG graduate program of study.
  3. First-time users of the MBRSG Student Management System will need to register to create an account. You must choose a login username and password between 6 and 9 alphanumeric characters. ** This process will commence when you formally apply by pressing on one of the Application (Full-Time or Part Time) buttons below.
  4. You may complete your application in more than one attempt. You may save your application and complete it at a later time.
  5. Applicants can complete their online application procedure at anytime. To be eligible for Admission to the next (upcoming) semester, students must have submitted their online application for Admission by the established deadline (i.e. Fall Semester 2017 – Admission deadline is Thursday 17th August 2017).
  6. Applicants are encouraged to apply early. Seats in our postgraduate programs are often capped at 30 students per semester. In case seats are not available in the semester you selected, MBRSG may consider your application for the following semester.
  7. Please note the following requirements to complete the online application for graduate admission. You will be required to provide (upload) a soft-copy of these documents as part of the application process. All documents to be uploaded  must be in PDF (for single or multiple pages) or JPEG format (for single pages):
    1. Official Attested University/College Degree Certificate (Testamur) and attested official transcript(s) showing grading scale.
    2. Applicant’s  passport copy with two passport sized photographs.
    3. Applicant’s UAE Family Book copy (if applicable)
    4. Applicant’s Emirates ID Copy (if applicable)
    5. If available when applying, an Official TOEFL or Academic IELTS score certificate (English Requirement) or equivalent of another standardized test approved by the UAE Ministry of Education
    6. Current CV (Curriculum Vitae)
    7. A brief essay explaining your interest in the program (one-page explaining why interested and how beneficial to your career etc.)
    8. Two individual and recent Reference Letters from Referees supporting your Application for Admission.
    9. Your full name in both English and Arabic. (This is a regulatory requirement).
  8. Applicants may be asked to attend an interview at MBRSG to help determine the decision in respect to an Offer of Admission to a graduate program of study at MBRSG.
  9. An Offer of Admission made to an applicant will be valid only for the academic  semester for which the applicant applied.
  10. Applicants who are employed full time will (normally) only be admitted on a part-time basis to a graduate program of study. Part-Time students will be limited to studying a maximum of two (2) Modules in an academic semester. Full-Time students will be able to study a maximum of three (3) Modules a semester (pending seats being available).
  11. Applicants who are granted Conditional Admission to an MBRSG graduate program of study will be limited to studying one (1) Module in their first semester of graduate study pending satisfying the specific condition(s) of Admission detailed in the Offer of Admission letter.
  12. Applicants who accept an Offer of Admission will be required to attend and complete the Return to Learning (Orientation Program) prior to the commencement of formal study for the semester.
  13. Applicants who have not demonstrated proficiency in basic statistics and research methods in their prior tertiary studies (i.e. passing an undergraduate university level subject in statistics and/or research methods), may only be offered Conditional Entry to a graduate program of study. Such Applicants will be limited to enrolling in one(1) Module in their first semester and will also be required to take the “Foundation Course for Research Methods in Public Policy” during their first semester of academic study. 
  14. Applicants who wish to defer their admission should contact the Manager of Admissions and Program Relations to complete and submit the Deferral Form prior to the commencement of the semester of study that an Offer of Admission was made for. Approval of a Deferral request will be considered and acceptance will depend on available seats.

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