Public Private Partnership in Dubai Healthcare_Focus Group Analysis...
January 2018
Public private partnership is always a priority in Dubai, in 2015 Sheikh Mohammed issued a degree to encourage the relationship between the two sectors. In light of this policy directions did the Public Health Sector benefit from this facilities? There are controversy about the effectiveness of P...
Creativity and Innovation in the Dubai Government
January 2018
​To provide support for the United Arab Emirates National Innovation Strategy, this study sought to explore creativity and innovation in the Dubai Government. First, employees of the Dubai Government (n=979) completed a research survey investigating individual, team, organisational and job desig...
Making the Case for a PPP Unit in Dubai
December 2017
How can Dubai best prepare itself for the expected increase in the number of publicprivate partnerships (PPPs) in the coming years? What can it do to ensure that they are well designed and managed and that they provide value for money? One way to do this is to set up a PPP unit at the heart of g...
Open Source Leadership 2017
December 2017
Open Source Leadership is a global study undertaken by the Iclif Leadership and Governance Centre spanning 28 countries and it includes the responses of approximately 16,000 senior to mid-level executives. The study is designed to explore the form of leadership required to tackle the daunting c...
The UAE and the Future of Work
November 2017
​The future of work is undergoing major shifts, driven by various forces from technological developments to demographic realities. Due to the nature of its workforce and labor market, the UAE is deeply impacted by these global transformations. As a result, it has demonstrated unwavering commitmen...
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