UAE Sovereign Wealth Funds as Enablers of the Global Factory
November 2017
Sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) are state-owned investment vehicles controlling an estimated US$ 7.5 trillion worth of assets as of October 2017. Typically, they manage portfolios of assets, by investing in shares or bonds, or acquiring real estate or companies, with a focus to increase returns on ...
The Arab World Online 2017:  Digital Transformations and Societal T...
October 2017
How will the existence of one billion personal “Internet of Things” devices in 2021 affect Arab societies? What economic impact will 26.7 billion dollars of online monthly spending in the Arab region have? In 2021 how will 100% mobile penetration and 80% social media penetration rates in the Arab...
Improving Assessment in Dubai’s Education System
October 2017
​How can assessment improve educational outcomes in Dubai? International tests like PISA and TIMSS suggest UAE (and Dubai) students’ performance is not improving fast enough to realize the UAE’s National Agenda goal of a first-rate educational system and prepare them with the skills necessary for...
The Roadmap For Building A Business With Heart
April 2017
A business with heart need not be a large corporation with a strong CSR outreach program; it can be a startup that has an embedded purpose to do good.
UAE Public Policy Forum 2017 - Proceeding Report
April 2017
This year, the MBRSG launched its first UAE Public Policy Forum as a part of our strategy to facilitate knowledge sharing across government and our mission to advance good public governance through research production and best practice dissemination.
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