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Executive Education Summaries

A Circular that contains the latest developments in government management, public policies, and institutional excellence. It focuses on the new concepts with the aim of contributing to disseminating knowledge.


Metahuman Vs Humanization: Game Changer

"The 'metahuman' concept is an important one in the current era, where it discusses the conflict between advanced technology and authentic humanity.

Building a Better Brain for Any Age

Healthcare and the provision of high-quality health services are among the top priorities of governments, but often, focus is overlooked on an important organ in our body that requires a lot of care, which is the "brain."

Intuitive Services: A Gateway to a Simpler and More Effective Future

Many governments around the world are moving towards innovation and development in their services, but the Emirati model, embodied in the pursuit of achieving the highest global standards in performance, emanating from the insightful vision and boundless ambition of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, remains unique.

Storytelling for leaders

Narrative storytelling is a powerful tool for leaders to communicate and influence others. The ability to tell stories effectively may be one of the most beneficial skills in a leader's skill set. Stories allow leaders to share experiences and lessons with their team members or audience in remarkable, simple, and impactful ways that go beyond facts and figures.

AI Labor Force Crowding Out: Future Fights

Unemployment is one of the recurring economic problems that is worsening day by day, leading to negative effects on both the economic and social levels. The latest studies indicate that the unemployment rate has worsened in the United States, reaching the highest level in the past 40 years, at a rate of 6%.

Agile Government: Emerging Perspectives in Public Affairs Management at the World Government...

Various aspects of government work have been re-evaluated, with a focus on new concepts, most notably: partnership, collaboration, and agility. To better understand these topics, it would be beneficial to examine the experience of the United Arab Emirates.

Where is Artificial Intelligence (AI) heading?

The field of artificial intelligence is witnessing rapid and significant developments, making it more advanced and progressive than ever before. Undoubtedly, the recent health crisis (COVID-19) has played a significant role in increasing the demand for smart technology, demonstrating the need for advanced technological tools such as robots to be used in various fields such as education, healthcare, and services.

Building High Governance AI Systems

Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence was created to stay, as it has become an integral part of our lives. Therefore, it is essential not only to learn new digital skills but also to understand how artificial intelligence systems work, how we can benefit from them and maximize their positive impact, and minimize their negative impact as much as possible.

Lecture abstract Learn how we learn. Concept correction

Science is an important tool for building people and nations. Science is power, and knowledge is a need and a necessity more than a luxury, especially in the era of change and challenges that we live in today.

A new digital era (Generative AI) and Chat GPT are reshaping the future of individuals...

With the emergence of artificial intelligence technologies, our lives have started to change, and our ideas have evolved and developed about what our future will be.
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