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Economic Policy:
This research area focuses on the future of the economy in the region and the UAE, with a strong emphasis on policy analysis and economic foresight aimed at sustained long-term prosperity, growth and sustainable development.  It explores the main economic challenges and structural shifts underway in the UAE and the region, including the economic consequences of innovation and emerging technologyy, the knowledge economy, the economic impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the adequacy of existing employment and social policies and inclusive policymaking for greater economic inclusivity.
Furthermore, research in this area aims to create thought-leadership and advance the quality of government practice in the field of public economics in the region, analysing the economic aspects of the expansion and regulation of the public sector and its role in driving economic growth and equity.
Economic policy research at the MBRSG seeks to be intrinsically cross-sectoral, supporting and overlapping with most other research tracks led by the School. It strives to provide a holistic approach to economic policy research and policymaking in the region by addressing a wide variety of topics. Examples of such research topics include economic diversification, sharing and circular economy, the economics of the “new oil normal” and the economics of innovation.
Finally, policies directly and indirectly aimed at economic diversification are explored at length in this research area, with a focus on commodity-dependant economies in the GCC and beyond.  


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