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17 March 2022

MBRSG and New Media Academy Team Up to Launch the First Executive Diploma in Government Digital Communication in the Region

The Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government (MBRSG) has launched the Executive Diploma in Government Digital Communication – the first of its kind in the region – in collaboration with Dubai-based New Media Academy to upskill government communication teams, enhance their capacities and introduce them to international best practice in the field.
Running from May 9 to June 29, 2022, the Diploma programme is a collaborative effort between MBRSG and the New Media Academy that aims to advance government communications and train cadres across government entities to master social media communication, which now dominates the media scene in the UAE and around the world, and better connect with the community and all stakeholders.
The programme aims to quantify digital transformation worldwide – particularly in the government sector – and keep pace with the latest new technologies to ensure that the key messages of various government entities reach their target audience. It also seeks to enhance the ability to lead and develop effective digital communications, train government communication specialists to create social media strategies that align with the objectives of their respective entities, and outline a digital media strategy roadmap.
MBRSG’s Executive President, His Excellency Dr Ali bin Sebaa Al Marri said: “The Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government is making tremendous efforts to keep pace with global developments in various sectors that directly affect the government’s performance and ability to communicate with the community and lead public opinion. The media is a fundamental pillar and powerful instrument to promote a country’s reputation and project its soft power, which comes through the effective use of innovative and advanced government communication systems.”
“For years, digital media has been playing a central role in society,” H.E. added. “At MBRSG, we believe that embracing digital media and optimising its use by government institutions has become essential for not only promoting these entities but also implementing their strategic objectives. Our collaboration with New Media Academy to launch the first programme of its kind in the region to train government communication experts on digital media reflects our aspirations to bring about real change in institutional performance to boost its competitiveness now and in the future.”
For his part, Prof. Raed Awamleh, Dean of MBRSG, said: “We are delighted to cooperate with New Media Academy on the Executive Diploma in Government Digital Communication – the first of its kind in the region and significant addition to our programmes. This collaboration reflects MBRSG’s commitment to keeping pace with developments, upgrading our approach, and expanding our vision to train government staff and provide them with new skills that keep them relevant and allow them to find solutions to all their challenges. We hope the Diploma will bring us another step forward towards developing government communication systems and harnessing new media to serve government entities’ development goals in the UAE and the region.”
Mr. Rashid Al-Awadi, CEO of New Media Academy, said: “At New Media Academy, we seek to enhance and refine the collective government communication skills to become the best in the world. We can affect real and positive change in all aspects of digital work and government marketing because we fundamentally believe in the promising young talents of the UAE and their ability to keep up with the latest global practices in the field of government communication. The launch of the Executive Diploma for Digital Government Communication in cooperation with the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government is the culmination of best academic practices whilst attracting the brightest and most prominent global minds to help us establish a digital generation equipped with the best government leadership skills in the sector. Our role today in enhancing the quality of government work by raising the level of communication skills will continue to keep pace with the evolving requirements of the government's digital future.

"Our cooperation today with the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government – which is the first school in the region focused on Government Excellence studies – was built on a shared belief system in the importance of timeliness and readiness by launching practical programs that are aligned with the skills required for a future-focused government in the UAE."
The Executive Diploma in Government Digital Communication will be offered in Dubai, collaborating with the Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government and the New Media Academy. The Academy will deliver remote lectures between May 9 and June 2, 2022, moving on to in-person sessions at MBRSG’s facilities until June 29, 2022.
MBRSG cadres taking part in the programme include Prof. Raed Awamleh, Dean of Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government; Prof. Youssef Al-Assaf, President of Rochester University of Technology in Dubai; and Dr Khaled Al-Wazani, Public Policy and Public Administration Expert. Meanwhile, trainers joining the New Media Academy include Craig Garboe, Founder of SEO-PR agency; Coach Matt Bailey, Data Research Expert; and Stuart Bewley, Founder of storytelling company Amplify Presentations.
The Executive Diploma in Government Digital Communication covers various themes, including future government, government communications in the UAE, the new digital era, digital strategies, social media, email marketing, search engine advertising, content marketing, and digital advertising. It also boards several topics designed to train participants, including storytelling, content creation, crisis communications, public relations, press releases and media coverage, digital communications, such as YouTube and podcasts, and much more.
Those interested in joining the Diploma programme can access more information on the New Media Academy’s official website:
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