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22 May 2023

The First Session of the Executive Leadership Camp Highlights Best Leadership Models and key Government Experiences

The Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government (MBRSG) organised the first session of the Executive Leadership Camp from 17 to May 19 and welcomed 15 participants and over 10 special guests who shared their experiences over the course of 26 training hours, 20 hours dedicated for an executive project and four hours of remote training sessions.

The session adopted an interactive engagement approach by providing several abstract tools, applications and workshops aimed at achieving the programme's objectives of providing the participants with a wide range of applied knowledge and skills. The camp also highlighted a range of analytic activities to promote leadership qualities, as well as dedicated exercises and challenges.

MBRSG’s Executive President His Excellency Dr Ali Sebaa Al Marri said the first session hosted a number of accomplished leaders and Dubai Government officials to highlight their experiences and make a substantive contribution to knowledge and information sharing, by focusing on Dubai's leadership model inspired by the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. Additionally, the session highlighted best leadership practices, different perspectives, models and experiences in the field, and the positive impact of these aspects on innovative tools and methods, which have an important role to play in promoting communication, collaboration and exchange of ideas and knowledge to develop effective solutions for possible future scenarios.

The first day of the camp included 3 interactive sessions. The first being on "Government Strategies and Approaches to Advancing and Enhancing Productivity" was hosted by Professor Raed Awamleh, Dean of MBRSG. The second session on "An Authentic Leadership Model: Making Change" was hosted by Frederic Sicre, former managing director and member of the executive board at the World Economic Forum. The third on "The Future of Work Environments and Talent Management in Institutions” was led by Prof. Awamleh. In addition, the programme also included an interactive event on the "Qualities of Future Leaders” hosted by trainer Ma'an Odeh, and an interactive workshop on "UAE Competitiveness, Opportunities and Challenges" hosted by Her Excellency Hanan Ahli, Director of the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Centre (FCSC).
During the second day, MBRSG organised several sessions such as "Security of States in an Era of Turbulence", hosted by Dr. Ali bin Sabah Al Marri, and "Prospects for a New World Economy" and interactive event on "Leadership by Influence - A Book of Trust and Inspiration Lessons, Discussion and Dialogue", hosted by Dr. Khalid Alwazani, Associate Professor of Public Policy at MBRSG. Other interactive event included "The Dubai Economic Agenda”, and a "Session with a leader", participated by H.E. Abdulla Ali bin Zayed Al Falasi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of MBRSG, Director General, Dubai Government Human Resources Department; H.E. Aisha Abdullah Miran, Assistant Secretary-General, Strategy Management and Governance Sector, Dubai Executive Council; and H.E Faisal Yousef Sulaiten, Executive Director of Dubai Economic Security Centre.

The third day’s objective was to explore major technological developments of the last decade, including artificial intelligence and its impact on everyday life. The session also discussed the economy and various industries, highlighted the new opportunities offered by the digital age, such as distance learning, self-employment, innovation and global communication, while focusing on challenges arising from technology, such as overreliance and how it affects mental and physical health, as well as increasing cyberattacks and privacy violations. The "The Future of Smart Technology: Extensions to Governments, Institutions and Society" session was hosted by Dr. Yousef M. Al-Assaf, President at Rochester Institute of Technology-Dubai, with Mr. Bashar Kilani, Managing Director at Accenture Middle East, while the “Artificial Intelligence, Technology and Governments" session was hosted by H.E Younus Al Nasser, Assistant Director General at Smart Dubai and CEO of the Dubai Data Establishment.

MBRSG organises the second session of the camp from May 24 to 26 in participation of Dubai Government’s department leaders, hosting a selection of speakers, experts and specialists in various fields. The session aims to meet their needs and aspirations to deal with current and future challenges thus enabling leaders to address said issues and transform opportunities into successes and achievements. The sessions also provided participants an opportunity to reflect on their current modus operandi and leadership approach, and build a future framework to keep pace with developments.

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