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Cross-Agency Collaboration in the UAE Government: The Role of Trust and the Impact of Technology

Published on: March 2009​
Genre: E-Government​ Category: Research Report/ Research Paper/ White Paper​

by Fadi SalemYasar Jarrar

In April 2008, the Dubai School of Government, sponsored by Cisco Systems, Inc., conducted a survey to explore concepts pertaining to collaboration in the context of the United Arab Emirates government, and to probe perspectives of citizens working in the public sector. It specifically examined the impact of trust on collaboration in the UAE government, and explored enablers of and barriers to better collaboration.

The anticipated outcome of this research is two-fold: first, to shape a better understanding of the local culture of collaboration and the impact of trust among government employees and to shed light on the elements required to establish better collaboration in the UAE public sector. Second, the study aims to identify emerging enablers of collaboration in the public sector, and specifically the potential impact of information and communications technology (ICT).

Overall, this research aims to contribute to shifts in common thinking in the traditional public sector institutions in the UAE, to start a thought leadership discussion, and to offer perspectives on the linkage between the current state of collaboration in government and the potential roll of ICT in bridging existing gaps. Governments in the region sharing similar culture and seeking to maximize the positive impact of collaboration should be able to benefit from the insight gained through this research.

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