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UAE Public Policy Forum 2017 - Proceeding Report

UAE Public Policy Forum 2017 - Proceeding Report

نشرت في: أبريل 2017​ المجال: Public Policy|United Arab Emirates (UAE)​ الفئة: ورقة بيضاء / ورقة بحث/ تقرير بحثي​
This year, the MBRSG launched its first UAE Public Policy Forum as a part of our strategy to facilitate knowledge sharing across government and our mission to advance good public governance through research production and best practice dissemination.

The UAE’s orientation to the future, and pursuit of innovative and novel solutions to current and future challenges, requires a transparent and continuous line of communication between the research community and government. Research provides not only in-depth analysis of current issues and evidence based recommendations for how to address them, but also gives us an idea of what the future may hold, what we need to be prepared for, and how we can think creatively to meet future challenges. The role of the forum is to act as a knowledge sharing platform through which the most pressing issues in public policy can be discussed and insights can be shared. 
The forum encouraged conversations and interactions between academics, education providers, students, and policy makers in a friendly and open setting to discuss current and new trends in education in the UAE, as well as the challenges the sector faces and possible solutions. Panels, as well as paper contributions were insightful, discerning and addressed vital topics and themes such as Global Education Reform, teacher training, the skill gap, the future of civic education, and educational standards.

The following proceedings report is a concise summary of the events and discussions of the forum and I hope that it will act as a good resource for researchers and policy makers alike.

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