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Executive Education Summaries

A Circular that contains the latest developments in government management, public policies, and institutional excellence. It focuses on the new concepts with the aim of contributing to disseminating knowledge.


Nudge-Behavioral insight in human resources

A new concept has emerged in human resource management, which is behavioral insight, “Nudge” as one of the tools that must be integrated into all human resource functions

Restructuring the UAE government after COVID 19 Reflections and future directions

The United Arab Emirates was established in 1971 according to a federal system between seven emirates, each of which has its own local government, while the general responsibilities for the strategic directions of the state are the responsibility of the federal government.

Training and development of human resources in the new digital era

The training process is the essential foundation for the development of human resources and is an ongoing process and integrated, and training is one of the primary functions of the organizational unit concerned with the human capital in the organization

Retaining high adaptability to new knowledge on institutional governance

It is imperative for institutions to change their regulatory legislation in various fields. In order to keep abreast of the successive, rapid changes and developments of the Fourth Industrial Revolution To be able to achieve continuity, excellence and success.

Post-corona Stay motivated

Natural things that happen outside of our control; We need adapting rabidly and taking proactive measures, and invent radical solutions to confront many of the things that will hinder our passage, and it is important to maintain positivity and hope, and believe that the next will always be better. Provided that they we will be more agile in dealing with heuristic matters.

Innovative proactive services In the government sector

Today, we need to make a fundamental change in our perception of institutions, as it is no longer feasible for us to content ourselves with setting plans, drawing goals and setting goals. Finding proactive solutions, proactive customer support and proactive service provision has become a necessity.

The VUCA world summary

This summary includes the definition of the VUCA concept that spread recently in the management world to demonstrate the method of confrontation and adaptation in this world in light of changes, fluctuations, mysteries, and uncertainty.

The Corona summary, the real test of the institutions’ readiness for telecommuting

The summary includes a diagnosis for the institutions’ situation before the Corona, then comparing it to the situation after and how to address that by telecommuting via online platforms. It offers some tips to employees on the best practices in this field.

Summary of institutional agility

This summary includes the agility concept generally, its most important principles, and agility concept and magnitude in government agencies and its applications.
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